Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is easily one of the most stylish and functional additions you can make to your home or commercial space. Designed to sit flush with your surface (usually a ceiling), recessed lighting (also referred to as downlighting or can lighting) is the most common form of architectural lighting found today. As suppliers of recessed lighting, we’re seeing it used more and more in both new construction and retrofit applications. Quality recessed lights not only provide a clean and polished look, they’re energy efficient and last longer than ordinary bulbs.

Installing LED recessed downlighting is a simple way to give your existing space an updated look with minimal effort. LED recessed lights are perfect in kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms, as well as outdoor. While standard recessed lights are remarkably energy efficient, integrated LED recessed lighting can operate for years before a bulb change is needed. LED downlights are virtually maintenance-free while producing up to 50,000 hours of lamp life. Gone are the days of dragging out the ladder to reach high-hanging fixtures in order to clean or change a bulb. Essentially, install them and forget they’re there… except for when you’re admiring them, of course.

Recessed lighting is a highly practical, multi-functional and visually pleasing lighting solution that blends well with most design schemes. Recessed down lights, sometimes known as ceiling recessed lights or recessed can lights, are the most common form of architectural lighting found in residences today.

Recessed lighting can achieve a wide range of lighting effects in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Use recessed LED light fixtures to illuminate an entire room, accent chosen features within the room, highlight textured surfaces for visual drama, and/or direct functional light toward specific areas where necessary. Ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, wall washes, and wall grazing are all possible with recessed lighting fixtures.