LED Track Lighting

Everything looks better under LED Track Lighting, so we made plenty for your next job. And the one after that. These indoor light fixtures are great for adding that extra oomph to restaurants, stores, and homes. We’ve made them more affordable than your last track lighting. They all look different, but quick installations are the same. So is the relief you’ll feel when everything works right, the first time. Find your perfect fixture today and let us know if we can help.

Infigreen’s latest LED track head designs to employ advanced-design components for premium efficacy and even heat distribution for long life. Track heads range in a wide array of wattage, lumen output, and lamp sources to meet any design needs.

Our newest track heads feature adapters that allow for easy installation into either a single circuit or two circuit track system. By simply adjusting the position of the metal tab on the adapter up or down, prior to insertion, you can select which circuit the fixture will be powered on.