The INFINITY GREEN Ultra Slim is the new generation of our award winning, linkable Slim Sleek Plus series. Using the same miniature profile and minimal footprint of our market leading mini LED Sleek fixture, we engineered these fixtures to incorporate the latest in LED technology. The Infinity uses the same direct- and cable-connectors making the plug and play installation quick and easy as well as making retrofitting/upgrading from fluorescent simple. Using the provided direct connector allows for end-to-end placement, reducing shadowing and allowing the light to be continuous.

The fixed white opal cover encloses the ultra bright LEDs, provides for an even glow exiting the fixture and eliminates unwanted “point of light” visibility. INFINITY continues to be a pioneer in the use of LEDs which are environmentally friendly with no Mercury and no UV or IR emission. Our LEDs have an average rated life of 50,000 hours if lit 8 hours/day.

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Watt Energy Saving
(Output Equivalent)
Voltage Lumen Output (lm) Max Linking Wattage Dimensions Dimmable CRI Linkable Up To Model Number
5w 50W 120V 450-500 280 12-3/8″L x 3/4″W x 1-3/8″H Yes 80+ 280W IG-LEDT5-5W-XX
8w 80W 120V 750-800 280 17-1/2″L x 3/4″W x 1-3/8″H Yes 80+ 280W IG-LEDT5-8W-XX
10w 100W 120V 950-1000 280 22-5/8″L x 3/4″W x 1-3/8″H Yes 80+ 280W IG-LEDT5-10W-XX
12w 120W 120V 1150-1200 280 29″L x 3/4″W x 1-3/8″H Yes 80+ 280W IG-LEDT5-12W-XX
15w 150W 120V 1450-1500 280 34-3/8″L x 3/4″W x 1-3/8″H Yes 80+ 280W IG-LEDT5-15W-XX
20w 200W 120V 1950-2000 280 46-1/4″L x 3/4″W x 1-3/8″H Yes 80+ 280W IG-LEDT5-20W-XX
25w 250W 120V 2450-2500 280 58-1/8″L x 3/4″W x 1-3/8″H Yes 80+ 280W IG-LEDT5-25W-XX


  • Under- and over-cabinet
  • Under-lighting of counters in bars, restaurants, stores, hotel reception desks, hospitals, offices and home workstations.
  • Retail and merchandise showrooms displays, case lighting, store counters, display shelves.
  • Bookcases, cabinet shelves.
    Integrated into furniture, bedroom headboards, decorative trims for homes, offices, hotels.
  • Cove lighting.
  • Backlighting of signage or decorative tiles or panels in stores, restaurants, hotels, offices.

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